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From Pastor Rex - Like all gatherings around someone who is near the end of life, deathbed scenes are usually difficult. Some folks stumble about, trying to avoid saying anything related to death and dying. Others fumble for words of encouragement in the face of the obvious. Death not only stops us dead in our tracks, it often renders us speechless. What does one say at this time? We all know that we will inevitably die, whether we like it or not. However, knowing that does not mean that death is natural. Although the circle of life has been going on for thousands of years, as it is sung in the Lion King, that does not make death any more natural. It disrupts our lives whenever it occurs. It stands a reminder that death is a judgment on us, who chose to go our own way only to find it a dead end. The resurrected Lord has the last word, of course. He who has gone the way of our dead end has come up on the other side, the side of life. Life, not an extension of what we were born into, but life with him who made us for himself and brings us from our dead end into his presence and company. Brian Hamer tells the story of a young teenage girl, who had been severely ill for over a year. Her last days on earth were marked by several operations, months of hospitalization and $1 million of medical care. Death was imminent. Leaning into her ear, her uncle, a fellow traveler in the Christian faith, whispered the last words she heard on earth, “I’ll see you on the other side.” To those dying in Christ, with whom we watch and wait, it is enough simply to say, “I’ll see you on the other side.” Those few words express our confidence in Christ, who is the resurrection and the life. And they declare our “Amen” to a future with him. - Rex From Pastor Miguel. . . Translated by Pam Bridgehouse Mark 10:45 For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." We are in a time when the countryside is covered with flowering vegetation. Garden stores make available to the public all kinds of plant with beautiful colors that invite us to buy them to beautify our homes. This is the beauty of summer, that you can enjoy the brightly colored flowers planted in your garden and so many other things that are a delight, especially when you surround yourself with all of them. Oregon is a state where spring and summer greet us at the door of our house. In the same way that the flowers adorn and beautify the place where they are, so is the life of the believer before God. Wherever the believer is found, the glory of God shines there. The love of God flows through every person and all this pleases God because it was for this purpose that God cleansed every person with the blood of Christ. The ministry of Jesús Christ was a constant service to others. He was quick to heal, console, set free, and to give himselfe completely to the ministry that His Father put in Him for the good of all humanity. He had good reason to refer to the summary of the Ten Commandments: “and the second is like the first: love your neighbor as you love yourself..” Matt. 22:39 There is a song that says: Life is a delicate flower And this precious flower never withers... Yes, life is short. Life passes quickly, but while it is passing, we can do what the write of Hebrews says (12:28): “Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us [serve God] offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe...” Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the desire of my heart not remain simply a desire, but may I serve you, may I be useful in the place where you have called me to serve. I ask you with all my heart that I might please you wherever I am, to the honor and glory of your name. Amen. - Pastor Miguel

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