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God works purposefully. St. John says that God loved the world and demonstrated it by giving his own Son. We are the world God loves in Jesus Christ. Clearly, since God sacrificed his own Son for our sake, more is involved than some good feeling about us. God has come his seeking us and inviting us to believe that he wants us as his children.   By his Spirit we have been persuaded to believe him.
Our Father’s purposefulness, however, does not end with making us his children. When our Father takes us into his family, he includes us in carrying out of his purposes. So St. Paul wrote to the Corinthian Christians, Jesus died for all, that they who live should not henceforth live for themselves but for him who died for them and rose again. And he has made us ambassadors of his love, that is, God makes his appeal through us (2 Cor. 5:15, 20). 
Gathering us rebellious children into his family is God’s business; it’s also family business.   God’s church is always a family affair because we are a family that our Father is continually adding to. Through us formerly rebellious kids our Father makes his appeal to the world to come home. In this family we work hand in hand with our Father. Some Father we have! Some children he makes us!
                                               - Rex


We Are Safe in Christ

Matthew 8:27



    The ship was sailing peacefully in the quiet waters of the ocean. It was a tourist vacation trip, a pleasure trip. The passengers were comfortably enjoying a pleasant journey. The fellowship among them made the trip over the wide ocean even more enjoyable. Suddenly the clear blue sky began to turn cloudy and the wind began to raise small waves that son turned monstruos, furiosly rocking the vessel. That great ship, king of the waters, was now moving through the waves like a fragile toy in the clutches of the angry sea.
     In the cabin the happiness faded. Men and women with pale faces full of fear, were staggering in search of any support they might grab onto. The feeling that the ship would sink pierced their hearts like a dagger. A little boy some nine years old was walking back and forth as if nothing was going to happen, looking very calm. Some of the people said to him, “Aren’t you aware of the dangerous situation we’re all in? How is it that you don’t seem to be worried at all??
     The boy fixed his attention on them and said, “And who is at the helm of the ship?”
     “Your father,” they answered. “He is the captain.”
     “If my father is at the helm, this ship will not sink, in spite of the storm,” the boy replied.
The life of every human being is like a ship that sails, often tossed about by the storms that threaten to destroy us. Danger and desperation invade us, and all turns dark and we feel afraid. It is here the questions arises: who is at the helm?
By the answer to this question it will be known whether you will arrive safely into port, or if the ship of your life will be wrecked and sink into the depths of the sea.
If you know the way and conquer the elements of nature, all will end web. The pilot of your life and mine is Christ. One day he calmed the sea and stilled the winds on the Sea of Galilee. When all became peaceful “the disciples marveled, saying, “Who is this, that even the winds and the waves obey him?””
Is your ship in the hands of this divine and powerful pilot?
Prayer: Lord God Almighty, this world is a stormy world like the vast sea. You are the captain of our life and with you we will be safe. Amen.
                                                                                     - Pastor Miguel
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