Easter Makes It So

     “Jesus was dead.  He was dead and buried, “ wrote Martin Bell*.  “It was expedient that he should be dead and buried.  Caiaphas had explained that to himself and to others over and over again.  It is expedient, he said, that one man should die for the sake of the people.  Jesus is expendable.  Caiaphas suffered from the illusion that people are relatively unimportant.  And so Jesus was dead.

    “What happened then wasn’t so remarkable, really.  God simply raised Jesus from the dead.  He merely walked into the tomb that we call insignificance and absurdity, and meaninglessness, and other such same as that—he merely walked into this tomb and raised Jesus from the dead.

“There was nothing very spectacular or remarkable about this.  God revealed himself to be the same God who created the heavens and the earth and called his creation good; the same God who led his people out of Egypt to be a light to the nations; the same God who affirmed David in his weakness; who called forth the prophets; who kindled the heart of John the Baptist; and who reached out to touch his tiny children in the person of Jesus Christ.

“God raised Jesus from the dead… that we should be clear—once and for all—that there is nothing more important than being a person.   Our lives have eternal significance.  And no one –absolutely no one – is expendable.”

    Jesus is indispensable for the life of this world, and every person who looks to him finds that he or she is a pure delight to our heavenly Father.  And Easter makes it so!

                                                                                - Pastor Rex


*Martin Bell was a famous author and educator.