Click on the link below to watch this Sunday worship online. There are 5 videos

Invocation chapter 1

Worship Songs Chapter 2

Readings Chapter 3

Sermon Chapter 4

Creed and benediction Chapter 5

Solo toca la pantalla para el oficio dominical son 5 videos

1 Invocacion Marzo 29

2 Alabanzas Marzo 29

3 Lecturas Biblicas Marzo 29

4 sermon Marzo 29

5 Credo y Bendicion


Lent Devotional March 25, 2020

Devocional Marzo 26, 2020

Click on the link below to watch this Sunday worship online

Sunday Worship March 22, 2020 part 1

Sunday Worship March 22 part 2

Sunday worshipMarch 22 part 3 sermon

Sunday worship part 4 blessing

Solo toca la pantalla para el oficio dominical

Domingo 22, 2020 parte 1

Domingo 22, 2020 parte 2

Domingo 22, 2020 parte 3

Domingo 22, 2020 sermon parte 4

Domingo 22, 2020 parte 5


Devocional de cuarezma Marzo 20, 2020



Devotional Lent March 19



Devocional de Cuarezma Marzo 19



 March 17 Lent Devotional  


Devocional de Cuarezma Marzo 17 



March 15 sermon 


Marzo 15 Sermon en Español 




































Church Services and CoVid-19

Lenten worship services, confirmation classes, ESL, and music lessons are cancelled until further notice.

Understanding some age groups are more vulnerable than others to this virus, we will be broadcasting our Sunday worship service on Facebook, YouTube (Zabdi Lopez's channel) and we will we have DVDs of the services  sent to the people who need them. 

We trust in the Lord. We know He protects us always and takes care of us. However, we also know that we should be good stewards of what the Lord has given us.

You can send your offerings to the church by mail, or just save the money and put it in the basket the following Sunday.

May the Lord bless His Church.

Psalm 91:10-11

 no evil shall be allowed to befall you,
    no plague come near your tent.

 For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways.


  March 2020  
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